Our mission is to provide carefully formulated natural, botanical based products that are effective and safe for you, your equine partner and our environment. Each product has ingredients selected to deliver results with a beautiful, fragrant scent profile and they comply with USEF and FEI Drug & Medication requirements. All our products meet the high standards you expect for human haircare and cosmetic formulations.

Sustainable Ingredients, Eco-Friendly Packaging, and Refillable Solutions

Our Featured Collection

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  • Innovative Ingredients

    Our star ingredients are USDA Bio-preferred, COSMOS/ECOCERT, natural and naturally-derived to deliver superior results. Follow the link below to learn more about some of our innovative ingredients.
    Natural & Effective Ingredients 
  • Actives & Extracts

    We carefully choose our actives, extracts and essential oils to target and address specific equine skin & hair needs. Our choices include organic botanicals, extracts, natural antioxidants, butters, plant oils, esters and 100% pure essential oils.
    Follow this link to learn more 
  • Preservatives

    Did you know if there is more than 5% water in a product, it needs a preservative to be safe? We use only natural preservatives in our products and they are designed to protect against bacteria, yeast and mold. Our natural preservatives are carefully selected for each product to deliver optimum results. Follow link below to learn more.
    Our Preservatives 
  • The NO List

    We ensure compliance with USEF/FEI, so we never include D&M banned substances in our products. We do not use harmful chemicals and non-sustainable ingredients, like Sulfates, Phthalates, Parabens, and Petroleum based ingredients - to name just a few. Follow the link below to see the complete NO List.
    The NO List 

Today, one of the biggest impacts of an equine grooming product line is its packaging and we are committed to minimizing ours as much as possible.

ECO- Design

"My dad would always say ‘Life is about choices’ – and I keep coming back to those words.  Everything we do has an impact; we have a choice to decide in what way and how much.  My goal from the beginning was to minimize the impact of our products and packaging on the environment.  I have chosen to consider environmental factors and sustainability principles from the outset, integrating ecological considerations into the entire design phase.  I will always be honest and transparent about each ingredient selection and their sustainability. The Gilded Paddock uses PET recyclable bottles, reusable tins and eco-friendly pouches for refill options that reduce single use plastic bottles. With our brand, you now have the opportunity to select products that not only care for your equine companion but also care for the environment we all cherish.” - Annie