Choosing The Right Product

All the pretty tails...each one has unique needs, varying texture and thickness...

The Gilded Paddock UNTANGLED provides options for your horse because we know it is not a "One Size Fits All" when it comes to detangling & conditioning.

All of our products are formulated based on Human Hair Care Standards, including using some innovative nature-derived ingredients that have never before been used for horse grooming products.  The Gilded Paddock Collection:  Nature, Perfected🌿

Similar to Human Hair, Horse Hair (Mane, Tail & Coat) can have different needs based on the structure, texture & thickness (or thinness) of their Mane, Tail & Coat.  Combine this with their environment - do they live in pasture, a dry dirt lot, a stall with shavings?  Do they get groomed regularly or sporadically? All those factors play a role in the condition of their hair/coat.  At The Gilded Paddock, we have taken those unique grooming needs into account, and have formulated our UNTANGLED Mane & Tail Treatment System to handle each coat, mane & tail condition.  UNTANGLED:  Intensive Conditioner, Glisten Spray & The Daily Spray offer you choices.  

When to choose the

Glisten Spray

  • Thick, Wavy Mane & Tail that needs detangling and added moisture
  • Lots of Coat Hair, may also have dry skin and needs some conditioning
  • Tendency to be groomed less often, or lives in pasture/dry lot
  • You need a good Coat Shine for a show or just because!
  • Your horse was just body clipped and needs moisture back in the skin
  • Skin issues causing dry or flaky skin
  • You want to try "Hot Clothing" (see our page on how to do this)
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When to choose the

Intensive Conditioner

  • Medium or Thinner Mane & Tail
  • Not a fan of 'oily' products
  • Your horse's tail, mane or coat needs some moisture due to damage (this is great for when they rub their tails, as it contains extracts that contribute to hair growth and help moisturize the skin)
  • After washing, you want to deeply condition the tail or mane (great for before wrapping the tail in a tail bag or braiding the mane)
  • Your horse is regularly groomed, and sometimes just needs a little extra conditioning in between
  • This is a great option for use after every bath on the tail and mane to detangle instantly

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When to Choose

The Daily Spray

  • Fairly normal mane, tail & coat texture/thickness
  • You have your horse groomed regularly and/or in a stall
  • You need a Daily Treatment that easily provides detangling & shine
  • Your preference is for something less 'slick' but that still imparts shine
  • The overall condition of the mane, tail & coat is healthy and you are doing the daily maintenance as part of your grooming routine
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