How & Why to "Hot Cloth" your horse

What is "Hot Clothing"...

Hot clothing is a technique that is typically used after clipping as a means of cleaning the coat and adding moisture back into the skin, as well as enhancing the appearance of the coat. Hot clothing can also be used to remove grease and dirt (in the colder months this can be done when bathing is not a viable option).  When you use products that are 100% Natural, with NO Silicone and you regularly "Hot Cloth", it will condition and add shine to your horse's coat. 

How to "Hot Cloth" your horse...

Typically, you would select a oil based product and add 2-4 generous squirts of the oil into a bucket of hot water (test the water first, it should be as hot as your hand can easily stand when you dip it in, but just make sure the water is a comfortable temperature for both horse and handler).  At The Gilded Paddock - we suggest substituting this method by just having the bucket of hot not add the oil to it...after all, oil & water don't really mix!  

First, you would brush or curry off any excess dirt.  Then use The Glisten Spray and spray your horse's coat one section at a time, take a clean cloth and soak it in the hot water, twist to remove just some of the excess water and then 1) rub the coat vigorously to loosen the dirt, repeat if very dirty;  2) finish by smoothing the hair in the direction of growth once the coat is clean/hydrated.  Keep a second bucket of hot water to rinse the cloth in between applications.  Just repeat a section at a time.  You can then do a final spray of The Glisten Spray and do a final wipe down (we recommend with a wool mitt or super soft cloth) for maximum shine and conditioning.

This is a great treatment for after a body clipping, before a horse show or in the winter when bathing frequently is not convenient.  Also, for anytime your horse's coat/skin seems dull and needs some additional conditioning.