DMDM Hydantoin - A Preservative

DMDM hydantoin is a common preservative that extends the shelf life of beauty and skin care products. But since it releases small amounts of formaldehyde, a reported carcinogen, its use has raised some concerns.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes DMDM hydantoin and other formaldehyde-releasing chemicals as potential allergens for some people - and that can translate to your horse as well.

While current findings suggest it takes long-term exposure to higher doses of this chemical to increase health risks, it can’t hurt to avoid products with DMDM hydantoin if your horse is prone to skin issues, or has dermatitis.

If your horse experiences hair loss, rashes, or any other symptoms of irritation that seem linked to product use, a good next step involves eliminating products with that ingredient to narrow down the cause of these reactions.